Gene Nocca (see photos page also)
Gene I hope is a peaceful place. He was a big fan of the band and went to countless shows, moved equipment, drank beers, told stories, and made a party a party. I have really no where to start on all the great moments I had with Gene... All revolved around getting to a party wether in New York to see the Bakers or Hartland to see Rich and Mandy or the now famous St. Pattys Day blowouts... Spectacle Pond at John Davis's old place in Littleton also comes to mind.... I was in Gene and Kathy's wedding whom he loved dearly. There was no evil in Gene and that is what I liked about him and I often told him that... We had many good times together and in most recent years he seemed to fall off the map. With me I stayed in touch and let him know how all the kids were doing and all the family stuff I was involved with... I will miss him... He was always good to me and a good friend through thick and thin... Oh yes I hope to you also on the other side your ole friend Jim AlgerĀ 

Dee Dee (Smith) Nissan ( see photos page)
I recently got some very sad news of one of my old high school friends passing away. I feel a need to explain how important to me Diana Dee (Smith) Nissen was. (pictures are in the photo gallery) She was one of the first people in my life that I showed music and lyrics to. As a teenager we discussed what we wanted for our futures and the paths we would take. I always thought she was one of my biggest fans. Her encouragement when I know I personally needed it the most I never forgot. Over the years we all went different directions but I stayed in touch while constantly moving. Christmas cards and a few letters here and there. She always was so proud of her husband Ed and her children Mandee and Anders. I enjoyed getting the info because everyone is busy and it was like a long lost treat. I can single handedly say she was the one that got many of us through high school. Classic comes to mind. All those days faded away and I just remember the good. A lot of laughs and then off to the "real" world. She always had a great smile or a roll of the eyes that only girls can do. I was reminded by a friend that we worked at the ole Longhorn Palace restaurant (which I had forgotten about) and just began to laugh again. Oh those were the days. When I found out about here passing I called her husband Ed and had a little talk. If you or any of our old friends would like to contact him his e-mail is or by phone 850-939-9296. I know for a fact he is truely a great guy because he married DeeDee. As for a mom I am sure was the "Top of the Pops" she loved to brag about her children which I thought was so "her". She was the first person to call me a rock star which I thought was quite humerous seeing how I had only played a few shows at the time. I will never forget the inspiration she has given me to not only play music but I always knew she was a special person that you only meet once in a lifetime. I only hope she had done all the things she wanted to do and I believe she did that. A wonderful husband, outstanding kids, and a good life. It is what we all want. Shine on you crazy diamond and maybe one day I will see you on the other side, your old friend Jim Alger