Tour Archive



December 14 2018 EVERT-Red Invasion-O'Briens-Boston

August 25 2018 EVERT-The Midway Cafe-Boston Mass

 August 4 2018 A Band Called Spike-Mountain Music and Art Festival Warren New Hampshire

July 27 2018 EVERT-KOTO-Salem Mass

July 26 2018 EVERT-O'Briens-Boston Mass

July 21 2018 A Band Called Spike-Private Party-Lee's 50th-Merrimac New Hampshire

June 1 2018 EVERT-Club Bohemia-Cambridge Mass

April 4 2018 EVERT-Opus-Salem Mass

March 3 2018 EVERT-Midway Cafe-Boston Mass




June 30, 2012 FRED-FEST-Billerica, Mass
February 4, 2012 Voices Rock Club-Lowell, Mass
August 7, 2010 The Manor-Dedham, Mass
January 15, 2009 Lucky Dog Music Hall-Worcester, Mass / The Flock of Assholes, Quintana's Revenge, The Vital Might
December 1, 2008 Alger-Larson TV Taping-Dedham Cable-Dedham, Mass
June 28, 2008 Goodtimes Last Stand-Boston  (the closing of the greatness)
February 29, 2008 Goodtimes-Boston w/ Tetenus Playground and Aetherius
January 5, 2008 DTS-Lowell w/ the Mighty Bad Habits and Matt Murray and the Motivators
December 28, 2007 Goodtimes-Boston
December 14, 2007-Icondome Music Cable TV Show-Dedham , Mass
November 9, 2007 DTS-Lowell w/ the Mighty Bad Habits and Goodbye Sluggo
October 26, 2007 Goodtimes-Boston
September 21, 2007 DTS-Lowell, Mass w/ The End
August 31, 2007 DTS-Lowell, Mass w/ Tetenus Playground
August 24, 2007 Our Place Pub-Gardner, Mass.  w/ From the Shadows
August 11, 2007 Goodtimes-Boston-Somerville with Hit the Ground, Birdface, and Thunderchild.
July 14, 2007 Private Party (Ken Mark's and John's 100 Years of Life Show) with the Road Kings, Chester, Mad Mojo Mayhem, and the All Star Billerica Ebonics Orchestra.
June 23, 2007 Rusty G's-Lowell, Mass w/ Hybrid Heretic
April 28, 2007 Goodtimes-Boston, Mass w/ Auditory Implant/ Stone Temple Pilots Tribute/Indiginis/ Soiled Soul
March 29, 2007 Rusty G's-Lowell, Mass w/Exhale and Tetenus Playground
February 22, 2007 Rusty G's-Lowell, MA w/Comic Johnny Joyce/Mindset Y/Auditory Implant

The 2006 "Blitz"
December 8, 2006 Shananagans-Milford, NH w/ Soak
November 16, 2006 Rusty G's-Lowell A Band Called Spike and Alger Larson
November 4, 2006 Goodtimes-Boston Alger Larson w/ Black Pearl
September 23, 2006 Reflections-Chelmsford, MA w/Edens Lie, B-Sides, and Anticement
September 21, 2006 Rusty G's-Lowell w/Tetnus Playground/ Code Red
July 29, 2006 Goodtimes-Boston
July 13, 2006 Rusty G's-Lowell w/ Midnight Sun
June 3, 2006 Private Party-Pleasent Valley, New York w/ Tim D, etc..........
May 30, 2006 The Midway Cafe-Boston w/ Shudder Down and Policrips 
May 18, 2006 Rusty G's-Lowell w/ Auditory Implant
April 1, 2006-Goodtimes-Boston/Somerville dvd shoot w/ Armen
March 30, 2006-Rusty G's-Lowell w/ Soak
February 16, 2006-Rusty G's-Lowell, Mass w/ Donnie Noyes Project

The Quadrant 12 Tour 2005
Dec.-Jan. Recording
November 12, 2005 Goodtimes-Somerville/Boston, Mass w/ Night Stalker, Theory Shift,
October 14, 2005-The Bombshelter-Manchester,NH w/ Cage, Sign of the Goat
August 5, 2005 Goodtimes-Somerville/Boston w/ Night Stalker, Said In Stone, Fistagon, and Elias Dies
July 16,2005 Dan Reen Benefit-Dedham Community Civic Center-Dedham, Mass. w/ Donnie Noyes and Dedham Hot 9
June 11, 2005 Caven House-Hyde Park, Boston, Mass.
May 19, 2005 Shooters-Dracut, Mass. w/ The Jelly Fund
March 24, 2005 Shooters-Dracut, Mass w/ SAY-Something Against You http://www.somethingagainstyou.net and Five Central
March 18, 2005 Goodtimes-Somerville/Boston w/ 4 Degrees Warmer, The Art of It All, Wild Blue, Red Army
February 25, 2005 The Bombshelter-Manchester, NH w/Scarecrow Hill,MC Taj Mahal, Street Life
February 12,2005 Collins Colonial-Peabody,Mass w/Doug Mascot and WNSH AM
February 5,2005 Reflections-Chelmsford, Mass rescheduled show from Jan.22 Lowell Rocks Battle of Bands w/ Rockville Coventry, The Brew, and Leeza.
January 22, 2005 Reflections-Chelmsford, Mass CANCELLED Blizzard Lowell Rocks Battle.

December 2 "Subliminal Salt" World Premiere on WBRS 100.1 FM w/Matt Burn's Six Pack and Interview
November 13 Goodtimes-Boston w/ Once Over and Cambridge 213
October 22 Bombshelter-Manchester,NH w/ D'Railed, Labb, and Flange Braffer
October 8 Jarrod's Place-Attleboro,Mass w/X-Ray Mind and Torn
October 1 Club Odyessy-South Weymouth, Mass w/Doubleshot
September 4 Goodtimes-Boston w/ Letdown (Prov) and Rathiuria
August 28 Dedham Community House w/ Caroline & the Dreamers, Jim Alger, Kurt Larson, Zero to Heaven, and Jackie "AX" Langley.
July 2 Goodtimes-Boston w/ Shuttlecock
June 11 The Bombshelter-Manchester, NH w/ Mike Houde and Stan Morrison
June 5 Dedham Community House- Dedham, Mass w/ Exit XX1, Bart O'Connor, Brian McCarthy, Zero to Heaven, Kurt Larson, MC's Marilyn Weber, Emma Wrigley, and Jim Alger
May 28 Middle East-Cambridge (sold out) w/ Josh Todd, Escape to Everything, New Rising Sun, Seven Levels, Disorder By Design, and Gutta
May 13 Jarrod's Place-Attleboro w/ Fynius
May 9 The Choppin Block-Boston w/ Darwins Rejects and ?
April 9 Goodtimes-Boston,Mass w/On the Drop, Cannibal Kings.
March Studio Finishing "Subliminal Salt"
February 21 Goodtimes-Boston, Mass w/ IIJ, Moneyshot , and Wicked
February 14 Bombshelter-Manchester,New Hampshire w/ Superunknown
January 9 Bombshelter-Manchester, New Hampshire

2003 "Subliminal Salt Tour"
December 26 studio
December 22 studio
November 14 Safari Lounge, Providence Rhode, Island
October 24 Safari Lounge, Providence, Rhode Island
September 26 Goodtimes Boston, Mass
August 16 Goodtimes Boston, Mass
July 11 Goodtimes Boston,Mass
June 8 Pub 30 Tyngsboro, Mass w/ Mirror Mirror
May 10 studio
April 18 Goodtimes Boston, Mass
April 2 studio
March 28 PA's Lounge Somerville,Mass
March 25 studio
March 18 studio
March 11 studio
March 4 studio
February 25 studio
February 22 studio
February 21 Pre-production
February 15 studio
February 12 Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, Mass
February 4 studio
February 1 "Subliminal Salt" sessions begin
January 10 Goodtimes Boston, Mass
January 1 "City Love" opening Randolf, Mass w/ 209A

2002 "Goat Boy In the Room/ Banished Echo Tour"
December 17 studio
December 13 Goodtimes Boston, Mass
December 10 studio
December 5 Jim solo w/ The Smuts and Anti Love Project (regular cancelled because of snow)
December 4 Lucky Dog Music Hall Worcester, Mass
November 30 TJ's Roadhouse Malden, Mass w/ Giamantis
November 26 studio
November 19 studio
October 29 studio
October 22 studio
October 15 studio
October 10 Lonnies Sports Bar Salem , Mass Ray Chiffy's first gig with the band as new drummer
October 8 studio
October 1 studio
September 24 studio Ray Chiffy joins the band as new drummer
September 21 Boston Boat Cruise cancelled last minute due to boat/ship problems
September 20 Goodtimes Boston, Mass Beantown Meltdown Matt Burns goes and tours w/ Awakening Stick
September 17 studio
September 15 Natick Center for the Performing Arts Natick, Mass w/ The Smuts and Lime Green
September 10 studio "Crumbs From Atlantis" drummer Marko Sharko moves on
September 3 studio
August 27 studio
August 24 Danbury Fest, Danbury, Conn. cancelled last minute
August 18 Pub 30 Tyngsboro, Mass w/ Mirror Mirror
August 13 studio
August 6 studio
August 2 Goodtimes Boston, Mass
July 30 studio
July 27 TJ's Roadhouse Malden, Mass
July 22 studio
July 16 studio
July 9 studio
July 3 Brandies University WBRS-The Joint Waltham, Mass
June 25 Banished Echo Sessions
June 18 studio
June 11 studio
May 21 studio
May 17 studio
May 14 studio
May 7 studio
April 22 studio
April 16 studio
April 9 studio
April 5 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
April 2 studio
March 30 TJ's Roadhouse Malden, Mass
March 29 The Hideway Cambridge , Mass
March 26 studio
March 19 studio
March 12 studio
February 26 studio
February 22 Boston Cable TV Boston, Mass
February 19 studio
February 12 studio
February 5 Midway Cafe Jamica Plain, Mass w/ Tom Lawlord
January 22 studio
January 19 The Hideaway Cambridge, Mass
January 15 studio
January 8 studio
January 1 studio

2001 "Museum of Life/Solid Gold Mitten Tour"

December ( month off from everything )
November 13 Midway Boston, Mass
November 12 studio ( new demo trax done for future project)
November 6 studio Marko Sharko moves on
October 30 studio
October 27 studio
October 23 studio
October 13 Elks Club, Beverly Mass
September 9 WMWM FM interview w/Doug Mascott
September 7 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
September 4 "Museum of Life" sessions begin studio
August 25 White Mountain Boogie and Brew cancelled
August 18 Pratt and Dale Block Party Dedham, Mass w/ Fatality
August 13 studio
August 6 studio
August 3 studio
July 24 studio
July 20 Interview on WBRS FM 100.1
July 17 studio
July 15 "Crumbs From Atlantis" reviewed in The Noise magazine and Metronome
July 6-14 Jim Up North
June Working on all new material "Crumbs" reviewed in Soundcheck, Noise, Metronome
May 27 "Crumbs" reviewed in Soundcheck
May 18-26 Frank out West
April 28 Rick's Pub Dedham , Mass
April 24 studio
March 23 studio Kurt Larson departs to do solo project
March 16 studio
March 6 studio
February 27 studio
February 23 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
February 22 WBRS FM radio interview about future of the band
February 19 studio
February 18 Spike rejected for NEMO showcase
February 6 studio
February 4 "Slick Slicker" from Crumbs From Atlantis played on WGIR FM Manchester, New Hampshire
anuary 31 studio
January 23 studio
January 15 studio
January 7 Slick Slicker in rotation on WGIR FM Manchester, New Hampshire
January 2 studio (begin the Banished Echo sessions)

2000"Crumbs From Atlantis Tour"

December (Off)
November 24 Rendezvous, Waltham, Mass
November 18 Rick's Pub Dedham, Mass
October 27 Fuel, Lowell, Mass
October 24 studio
October 17 studio
October 10 studio
September 16 White Mountain Boogie and Brew Thornton Gore, New Hampshire
September 15 Band arrives at Mike Houdes estate in the Gore
September 13 studio
September 11 studio w/ Kurt doing sound
September 8 studio
September 6 Marko Sharko departs and Matt Burns is in
September 5 studio w/ Matt Burns
August 22 studio w/ no drummer
August 16 studio w/ no drummer
August 14 studio
August 8 studio
August 6 Met Cafe Providence , Rhode Island
August 4 studio ( promo pictures are taken)
July 28 WBRS interview
July 25 studio
July 20 studio
July 7 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
June 8 Brandies University WBRS Broadcast Waltham , Mass
June 5 studio
May 6 Rick's Pub Dedham, Mass
April 21 Rendezvous Waltham , Mass
April 20 Jim Meets with Harvey Warfield at Superdups Wilmington
April 15 Rick's Pub Dedham , Mass
March 13 studio
March 6 studio
February 5 Rick's Pub Dedhamn, Mass
February 1 studio
January 24 studio
January 18 studio
January 11 studio
January 7 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass

1999 "Quadrent 12 Tour"

December 1 Met Cafe, Providence, Rhode Island
November 24 Flannel Gods
October 12-19 Jim in Belguim, Holland, Luxenbourg, and Germany (Lop Lop)
September 12 The Living Room, Providence, Rhode Island
September 1 Met Cafe, Providence, Rhode Island
August (Month off)
July 17 Hartland Folk Festival, Hartland, Conn. (Jim only)
July 16 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
July 11 Chelmsford Elks, Chelmsford, Mass
July 9 Tewkbury Elks Tewksbury, Mass w/ Guilty Party
July 1 Met Cafe Providence, Rhode Island
June 1-19 (writting new material)
May 22 Rick's Pub Dedham , Mass ( make up show)
May 1 Jam at Sharko's
April 29 WBRS live "Crumbs" and other classics
April 24 Rick's Pub Dedham , Mass cancelled because of power outage in Mother Brook area
April 22 The Tank Revere, Mass
March 19 Rendezvous Waltham , Mass
February 6 Rick's Pub Dedham, Mass
January 29 Begin new trax for new disc

1998 " Banished Echo Tour"

December ( Holidays off )
November 25 WBRS w/ The Flannel Gods
November 20 Tewksbury Elks Tewksbury , Mass
October 17 Jim jams with former Ignited Grave guitarist Marvin LaFontaine after 20 odd years
October 1 Jim and Carolines Cape Cod Bash, Falmouth, Mass
September Rehearsal begins with Ken Risher- Guitar and Vocals and Sharko on Drums Who both join the band full time.
August 31 Ken Risher joins the band
July 29 Jim and Frank hang out with Grand Funk Railroad
July 17-18 Hartland Folk Festival, Hartland , Conn
July 14 Bastille Day Jam Calhoon Hollow, Cape Cod, Mass
June 19 studio w/ Sharko
May 21 Matt Burns departs to join the Vatican Sex Kittens
May 17 O'Briens Boston, Mass
May 15 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
May 3 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass
April 28 "Crumbs" complete but not mixed
April 25 Stoneham Cable TV Stoneham, Mass
April 10 G'Willickers Shrewsbury, Mass
March 7 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass w/Tetnus Playground
February 20 G'Willickers Shrewsbury, Mass
February 15 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass
February 7 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
January 30 G'Willickers Shrewsbury, Mass w/ founding member Chris Hubert cancelled
January 9 G' Willickers Shrewsbury, Mass
January 3 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass

1997 "What's That Noise About"

December 18 A Band Called Spike cd release party Club Bohemia Somerville
December 4 Sumners Tewksbury w/Larry Cane and Guilty Party
November 26 Brandies University w/ The Flannel Gods
November 13 Sir Morgans Cove Worcester, Mass
November 9 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass
October 30 The Living Room Providence, Rhode Island
October 18 Mainsail Waltham, Mass w/ the Varmints
October 11 Frank and sue's Wedding
October 4 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass
October 3 Sir Morgans Cove Worcester, Mass
September 15 The Living Room Providence, Rhode Island
August 30 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass
August 6 Club Bohemia Somerville, Mass
July 31 Sir Morgans Cove Worcester, Mass
July 26 Mainsail Waltham, Mass
July 25 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass
June 20 Jacques Boston, Mass
June 18 Sir Morgans Cove Worcester, Mass
May 23 The Tank Revere Beach, Mass
May 17 Leary Field Waltham, Mass w/ Johnny D
April 23 Sir Morgans Cove Worcester, Mass
March 29 Mainsail Waltham, Mass w/ Varmints
March 27 Brandies University WBRS The Joint Waltham, Mass
February 15 Rendezvous Waltham, Mass w/ Freeballin
February 14 The Tank Revere Beach, Mass
January 31 Interview with Joe Vig
January 7 Tile Mite

Gig Archive

August 7, 2010 The Manor-Dedham.

2009  some gigs with Maniacal Reason

January 15, 2009 Lucky Dog Music Hall Worcester , Mass
Opening the new year at the Lucky Dog Music Hall (formally Sir Morgans Cove) with our friends the Flock of Assholes, The Vital Might, and Quintana's Revenge, turned out to be what I shall call low expectations and very high results.  This stage is hollowed ground, the Stones have played here and countless other bands to say the least.  ABCSpike always made a stop there while doing any New England dates and tonight was the first time back in a few years.  The temp outside was around 0 degrees and inside when we got there was about 1 degree.  That would change extremely rapidly.  We opened with "Tree of Woe" by request from one of our long time Worcester fans Billy.  We very rarely do "requests" but what the hell, he has come to countless shows and knows our stuff so why not make it happen.  After Tree we were off and running.  Getting hotter and hotter as the set went on.  "No Romeo",  "Fourth Floor", "Danny Pearl", "Satellite Farms" and the final "Legend Killer" brought it all home.  Seeing the "Dog" packed on a night like this renews all faith that rock is still alive and well and a whole new audience just waiting to hear kick ass music is closer than you think.  The Flock always a crowd pleaser pummels with there 80's retro tribute of over the top pop hits from that era.  A very tight band and worth catching. 

2006 "Tour De Force"
5-18-2006 Back to one of our new favorite clubs.  They treat us right and it always seems to turn into A Band Called Spike all request.  "Wendy" and "Butt Smokin Hags"  and being goofy is what they want and we giv-em what they want.  I personally like the vibe here and seem to be relaxed and just let go.  The band is also right on.  Making good friends in the Lowell/Merrimac valley and U-Lowell.  We will be back in July for a summer round.
4-1-2006 This was really strange, 3 other bands cancell to make a perfect situation for the band to dvd more than expected at the Boston show.  Extremely low turn out on a Saturday night in the city but didn't stop the band as if they were playing Madison Square Garden.   Special guest Matt Burns played drums on "Mind Fields" and "Borderline Human".  Does anyone go out anymore?
3-30-2006 Rusty G's was great.  Very loud and a good crowd including Flannel Godz and all.  It looks like "Wendy" will be played there again due to crowd insistince again.  Lowell Rocks message board rallied up the troops.  First time out with Jim's new signature guitar. 
2-16-2006 Well what can be said of the first show of the year for the band.  New club, new attitude, and what turns out to be an all request VH1 type storytellers show.  An epic 20 song A Band Called Spike O'Rama.  The audience of old bandmates, friends, and straggelers began shouting out there favorites and the band pulled it off.  Starting off the show with the cult classic "Wendy" and basically playing 95 minutes straight through to closing all the catalog.  Only  "Tree of Woe" and "Twilight Strut" were not played.  "Dancin Girls" proved to be quite fun with excellent crowd reaction and cartwheels to boot.

"Subliminal Salt" 2005
11-27-05 The Good Shepard Curch-Oakdale Square, Dedham, Mass. Jim Alger solo/acoustic/electric/show/clinic. This was fun from the begining. Troop 4006 of Girl Scouts had to earn some merit badges for there banner. I was asked to play and show the girls what I do. I went acoustic and electric and brought a small folk guitar so some of the girls could maybe learn some chords. All the girls came up and had a shot at trying the gutar out and it proved to be funny and entertaining. I want to thank Kelly and Michelle for asking me to do this mini show/clinic. The girls plan to come into the studio at some time to see the inner working of Alger Mt. Limited in the future.
11-12-05 Goodtimes-Boston, Mass, Recording the show this night proved to be fun instead of hectic like those events can be. Great crowd was on hand as usual. Kurt filmed/recorded/camera shots most of the night to catch the glory. Multi-directional is the word for that. Lot of the "Subliminal Salt" disc was played with the highlight being "Cycle of the Paradox Part 1" has become a new ABcSpike staple. Some of G's old buddies from the old town showed up to make a wonderful mess. Looking to record another dvd/live album in 2006 with a bigger crew and mobile recording gear. All in all an epic time.
10-14-05 The Bombshelter-Manchester, NH was really fun this evening because some old friends of mine that I originally started playing music with when I was young showed up. Rick Clogston and Marvin LaFountaine and his son Jordan stopped by the gig making it a special. Manchester has always been a good stop for the band and tonight was a short set but kicked. Fans seemed to dig it by there applause and you know your doing ok when all the members of the staff at the club are roaring right next to the band. A good day on a very rainy night.
8-5-05 Goodtimes in Somerville/Boston is always a great venue for the band and tonight is no exception. On a very hot summer night the band rips into a very different show starting with normal show ender "Legend Killer", shocking the ABCSpike fans. Something that really has never been done. This short set was being recorded for the "Live in the Wasteland " series and did not dissappoint. Nuggets from past discs were thrown in such as "No Romeo" but most were from the new disc "Subliminal Salt" with "Satellite Farms" , "Danny Pearl", "Forfiet Lives", and ending with a heroic "Cycle of the Paradox Part 1" The new set proved to be a crowd pleaser as most of the crowd had been milling around in the smoking area and then came rushing in as the band appeared. Good rocking night.
7-16-05 Dedham Community Civic Center was host to the annual Dan Reen benefit which always proves to be hot and this year was no exception. Dedham Hot 9 was the kick off and they were great. Drivin by Joe Brogan they put on a great set. Up next was our old friend Donnie Noyes who just flew in from Louisville to do the show. Donnie played a total acoustic blues show to the delight of many. ABCSpike was up next with an eleven song blitz of songs from there new disc "Subliminal Salt" and choice covers from AC/DC and Neil Young. The show was dominated with extra guitar solos, triplet drum fills, and pounding bass anthems. The outdoor concert which hasn't seen this type of thing since Aerosmith played in the early seveties has now turned into an annual event. This years event for the Dan Reen Fund made over $2000 going to refurbush the gym and named in honor of Dan. Surely he is missed.
6-11-05 Caven House sure gets crazy. Lot of people just hanging out enjoying the summer vibe. 3 hour ABCSpike set with some choice "covers". Thanks to all that showed up. It was our first time there and we will be back.
5-19-05 What can be said when a couple of members of the Flannel Godz and 209A show up. Party comes to mind. The band is back out and kicking some serious ass. A regular set with no real surprizes. The train has left the building. Porcupine Tree the night before always helps.
5-12-05 Well next the band will be out on the road again and it sure looks like fun. A little rest and a break from most band activities has been welcome. Jim was off at Wanee, G was down in the Islands, Ray was checking out other bands out on tour and relaxing. The summer looks good with some live shows and recording . See you out on the American highway which is already in progress. Jim
3-24-05 Shooters-Dracut, Mass This was a new venue for the band and it sure was cool. There was a decent crowd and some all around great talent put together by Triana from Lowell Rocks and Mike the owner/sound guy. SAY- Something Against You and Five Central were on the bill and just a great bunch of guys. At the end of the set the other bands were screaming for more and that sure felt great. Total set was around 56 minutes which would be good for a TV show. We have been invited back and that is a positive thing. We were also interviewed by Jeffrey from NOMASONH or something like that magazine which will be a feature in May. It was very interesting and a classic time. Looking forward to going back. WTG.
3-21-05-Goodtimes-BostonThe first three months for A Band Called Spike have been quite hectic and for good reason. The new disc is out and more shows are on the way. The Goodtimes show in Boston the other night was short and for that reason "Legend Killer" was not played at the end. Hard to believe because "Legend" is always played last, "Danny Pearl" was the closer and then off. In the history of the band this is the first time it ever happened.
2-25-05-Bombshelter-Manchester,NH, Heading to Manchester, NH usually means it's 0 degrees and of course it was. Cold as hell. This set was ripped for 40 straight minutes of no stop ABCSpike with mostly new material. The showcase of the night by far was "Forfiet Lives" with an extended guitar solo and intense band interaction.
2-12-05-Collins Lounge-Peabody,MA, Jim did an interview with Doug Mascott from WNSH AM and his sidekick Ernie over at Endicott College and then procceded over to the ever popular Collins Lounge in downtown Peabody. This show was a 3 1/2 hour spectrum of every ABCSpike tune ever done. Some covers were thrown in for some flavor. A true treat for the hardcore fans that came. Some classics that were played included "Wendy" "Borderline Human" and "Slick Slicker" which haven't been in the sets for awhile.
2-5-05 Reflections-Chelmsford, MA- The first night of the new year for the band. The first gig was cancelled from January 22 because of a blizzard up here in the Northeast. Also this gig was the Lowell Rocks Battle of the Bands showcase. This gig was a straight up 35 minute set with really no surprizes. New songs from the new cd and some old nuggents. No covers because it was an all original show which the band likes. ABCSpike came in third out of four bands. A limited crowd had come to see the band and it really had a lot to do with the cancellation of the earlier gig. Shit happens. One note can be said about these "Battles" if you get a few people in to see your band you will win, it has really nothing to do with talent. One judge was quoted as saying "They didn't get anybody up to dance" in which one ABCSpike fan replied "Dance , you just don't get it, hey and why don't you play that same Bob Seger song again you Wob" The comment was from the fact that the same Bob Seger songs between bands was played over and over. Another day on the road!

Past Gigs and Posters